How to Begin Building Velocity and Revenue with Patreon

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This presentation will share real data and insights we have been sharing with the community about how we have turned our Patreon from stagnant to consistent month-over-month growth. While there are plenty of big-name stories that share how to turn $2,500 a month into $3,500 a month, there is little out there to help a starting podcaster move from $0 to $300 with a velocity that will carry them to the $1k mark and beyond. We are a small podcaster still in the early phases of building our Patreon community, but we are going to share what others starting out can also do and how to learn from our mistakes and successes.

We had a podcast with over 500,000 downloads, but our Patreon was always hit or miss, sitting at under $50 a month. Until we finally got serious and began to really focus on how to grow it. We documented our journey over the past ten months with screenshots of our pledge growth numbers and what worked and didn’t work. Eli and Sean will share real results and what they have learned and also answer your questions.

Key Take Aways

  • How to properly configure your Patreon for growth
  • What the big earners on Patreon all know that those of us starting out ignore
  • How to properly define your pledge tiers
  • What it takes to build a Patreon that will fully fund your show
  • Understanding churn and what to do about it
Intermediate Community, Activism & Culture Session