The Pivot Into Podcasting – Turning Your Skills Into A Podcast

12:00 pm
Room 183
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Ever wanted to host your own podcast – but not sure what you’ll talk about? Do you know what your key skills are, the ones that can transition into podcasting? How do you leverage those skills?

Three podcast hosts from the Entertainment One’s Podcast Network sits down to discuss how they turned their passion and expertise into a podcast downloaded by the thousands. They explain how they pivoted their skills (like acting, writing, film) and personal connections to build their podcast from the ground up, while highlighting the hard work and obstacles they faced. They also outline how to establish a market for yourself, and how they use podcasting for their other ventures.

Notable Guests:

Andrea Bain, TV Host and Writer – Host of “Single Girl Problems”:
Hosted by Toronto-native Andrea Bain, author of the book, “Single Girl Problems” and co-host of CBC’s former national daytime talk show “The Goods”. Bain counters the idea that “being single sucks”.

Robert LaRonde, Writer and Producer – Co-Host of “Rewatchability”:
Rewatchability is a comedic pop-culture nostalgia podcast hosted by J.M. McNab, Rob LaRonde, and Blain Watters. It is produced independently in Toronto and was profiled by The A.V. Club and in 2015 our podcast appeared on CBC Radio’s Podcast Playlist.

Mike “Nug” Nahrgang, Actor & Comedian – Co-Creator of “Illusionoid”:
Nug has won 3 Canadian Comedy Awards, has been a performer in several television shows such as CBC’s The Ron James Show, Nickelodeon’s Life With Boys, and SyFy’s Scare Tactics. He can also be seen as a panelist on Sportsnet 360 in Canada for Aftermath, a weekly run-down of all things related to World Wrestling Entertainment. Nug is also the Moderation & Community Consultant for Firefly Social.

Key Take Aways

  • Identifying your key skills and passions.
  • How to pivot those skills into a piece of auditory work.
  • Identifying the barriers in which you may face (and will have to overcome).
  • The importance of continually honing in your skills and knowledge.
  • Establishing your target audience, brand, and understanding your marketability.
Beginner Podcasting & Digital Media Panel