Picture Perfect Podcasting (Making Audio into Visual)

10:00 am
Room 223
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If you only have $2 in the bank and you’re willing to learn, you can totally treat yourself to two candy bars from the dollar store and sit down to create some amazing work.

This presentation is for the podcaster who maybe does not have the money, but can’t help but set high expectations for themselves. It covers how to take your already amazing audio product and turn it into something visual. It helps you understand which social media platforms are the best for a podcaster to invest their time in – because we all know, time is money. It also introduces you to some apps and websites that you might not have heard of, that you can use absolutely FREE. (Free is great. We like free). Finally, it explores the question – where is the podcaster’s place in the world of social media?

Presented by a freelance social media marketer and graphic designer: John Murphy.

John has worked with the likes of Entertainment One, CBC, Hello Fresh, JP Wiser, high profile influencers, podcasters, singers, actors, models and more – but he’s fully self-taught and believes you can be too.

Key Take Aways

  • From Listening to Looking (what to keep in mind when designing your podcast artwork)
  • Joining the Correct Conversations (which Social Media platforms are right for you and your podcast?)
  • Designing Without a Designer (free apps and online tools)
  • Creation Station (making "audiograms" and "quotables" of your podcast to post on your social media)
  • Time is Money (when you should or shouldn't invest your money in social media for your podcast)
Intermediate Podcasting & Digital Media Workshop


  • John Murphy