Will Robots Take Our Media Jobs and Dominate the Future of Media Field?

10:00 am
Room 361
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Machines have been taking out jobs since the invention of the wheel but with the rapid and unstoppable advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI) fears that machines will totally replace us keeps on rising. Machines now are creating arts, music, news, artificial images and videos and award winning novels. Now we see virtual news anchors who can present a full interactive news show. Robots now have the ability to conduct full humanized conversations including interviews with fellow human beings which raise the great concern: Are we creating the invention that will end our race?

Can AI be a full Podcast, Radio or TV show host? Will human like robots be creative enough to replace our jobs in the media sector? In this session we will have a look on the recent advancements that AI achieved in the media (especially digital media) and the advancements they ARE making now in the field of creative and human-like media. And we will have a glance on the future of media and the debatable theories on the future of humanity in the creative fields.

Key Take Aways

  • A quick look into past, present and future of how technology replaced human and what's to come
  • What is Artificial Intelligence? Myths and truths about AI
  • Human-like AI is here. Live Demos and examples
  • How is the current digital and human media is being affected by AI and Robots
  • Conclusions and debatable theories on the future of humans and machines
Intermediate Podcasting & Digital Media Session

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